"Kathryn is the ultimate golf professional.  Her years of playing experience enhance her tips and advice on the course as a coach.  Whether playing at Stanford or preparing for a Pro-AM, I can count on her insights and patience to strengthen both my long and short game."
Condoleezza Rice, Former Secretary of State


" Kathryn started working with me when my aging back had been consistently painful when hitting a golf ball. Rather than apply a standard swing formula, she referred me to Doug Tewell's " Square to Square" method and then worked with me to make this new, different and less stressful swing work for me. Imagine trying to recreate a swing for a golf nut who had hit ten million shots with his "unique" swing for 58 years. She has done it. And along the way, she has refined my chipping game, wedge play, wind shots, putting and attitude. All of this was done with exceptional patience, optimism, encouragement and fun. Kathryn really knows how to connect with aspiring golfers and teach the game!"

Steve Smith, Senior club golfer, 7 handicap.


"I've found Kathryn to be an extremely knowledgeable instructor, with the unique ability to communicate to her student in a calm, non-threatening manner.  She can immediately identify what I have done wrong and gives me a drill to help correct my mistakes. She uses a simple teaching philosophy, and one which I am able to understand.  She makes learning golf fun". 

Deb O'Jones, advanced beginner


" I have had many golf instructors over the years, and Kathryn is definitely THE BEST! While she addresses the fundamentals that are the foundation of the swing and the game, I think she is particularly good at working with the individual's tendencies and not forcing too much all at once. She is amazingly patient and positive! No one is more dedicated in wanting me to succeed in enjoying the game and achieving my goals, and I am forever grateful for her constant enthusiasm and support."

Corito Tolentino, Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club Ladies Club Champion 2016


"Kathryn is a fantastic coach. Her extensive golf knowledge combined with her experience and success in the professional ranks give her a unique skill-set to assist any player from beginner to tour level. She is passionate about helping others become the best they can be. Yet, perhaps more than that Kathryn is a great person with a real "glass half- full" attitude that is infectious to everyone she meets in both a golfing capacity and otherwise."

Ailsa Summers, Scottish Ladies Amateur Champion 2016


" Kathryn goes above and beyond for her students and she is an amazingcoach. I always come out of lessons knowing what I should work on and feeling motivated to work hard and improve. As a former LPGA player, she also is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced with competitive golf. Kathryn always knows how to help me best prepare for tournaments. More importanatly, Kathryn's greatest skillis helping players transfer skills from the driving range to the golf course."

Niav Layton, Future Collegian, 2 handicap.


"I've been a student of Kathryn's for a little less than two years and in that short time she's helped me make tremendous strides in my golf technique, my course management and my mental approach to the game.  At the end of every lesson I come away with a greater understanding of my swing as well as a plan for practice going forward, often with a clear and concise video analysis of the lesson. Kathryn's positive energy, empathy and sense of humor make every lesson a pleasure. Her infectious love of the game of golf and of sharing it with others make her an inspiring teacher!"

Andi Okamura, The Preserve Ladies Club Champion, 2016