Be Inspired to Play!

Hello and welcome to my website. I am super excited to share my golf knowledge with you and help you with your game. My teaching philosophy is very simple "if you don't understand, you will not learn." I want you to understand what you are trying to do and, most importantly, have fun while you learn along the way. 

I hope this website will inspire you to either learn some more about golf or get motivated to play. Remember, when the Scots invented this crazy game, whisky was next...or did whisky come first? What ever way you slice it ( oops,pardon the pun) golf is the hardest game in the world so be patient and embrace the challenge.

Look out for my weekly golf tips and I encourage you to read some of my blogs. I have some interesting opinion articles posted ranging from Tiger's glutes to the current USGA debacles to other experiences from my golf journey.